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Myers Cocktail Therapy in San Antonio, TX

No matter how much you try, sometimes your body runs out of gas. Mental acuity and physical fitness suffer as a result, and you may become more susceptible to colds and allergens. To fill up your bodily tank with high-octane fuel, a Myers’ Cocktail  from the Lone Star Center for Health & Wellness may be your best bet.

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How Does The Myers’ Cocktail Work? 

The Myers’ cocktail is packed with vitamin B-complex, magnesium, calcium, and other essential electrolytes and nutrients. Developed by the late Dr. John Myers to help patients suffering from chronic pain, it has been shown to treat several conditions. 

  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle Spasms, 
  • Common Cold
  • Joint Pain
  • Mood 
  • Stress
  • Hangovers

What makes the Myers’ Cocktail so good is simple. It contains an extremely high concentration of essential vitamins and is administered directly your bloodstream using intravenous therapy. Bypassing the digestive tract means you’ll feel the positive effects very quickly.

Who’s A Myers’ Cocktail Candidate? 

Anyone who wants to feel better is perfect for Myers’ Cocktail treatments. Everyone’s body is different, though. That’s why we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our medical experts. They’ll sit down with you, discuss your situation, and determine whether it’s the best treatment option. 

Myers’ Cocktails are often recommended for adults with chronic fatigue, pain, fibromyalgia, acute asthma attacks, and seasonal allergies. Others who stand to benefit from this IV therapy are those in need of fast rehydration or vitamin rebalancing after an intense physical event. 

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Your Partner for Myers Cocktail IV Therapy in San Antonio, TX

If you’re in the greater San Antonio area and want to be at your best, the Lone Star Center for Health & Wellness would love to be your Myers’ Cocktail provider. Our infusion team is comprised of highly trained medical professionals experienced with administering IVs in clinical settings. 

Visiting us means you’re in good hands. All IV therapy ingredients and protocols are backed by extensive research, and we constantly seek new and innovative treatments. Every blend is created to help you overcome your challenges. 

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Full-Service Multivitamin IV Therapy San Antonio, TX, Solutions 


Becoming your best self may require regular IV therapies, which can put a damper on your wellness goals. If the Myers’ Cocktail is right for you and you want to save some cash, don’t hesitate to ask about our IV memberships.

To learn more about our multivitamin IV therapy in San Antonio, TX, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you. 

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