San Antonio Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plans

Want to add years back to your life? Losing excess fat doesn’t just give you extra energy to enjoy the life you have now; it also lowers your risk of deadly diseases.  For most people, it’s easy to see the benefits of weight loss, but unfortunately, it’s not always easy to see the cause. Medically supervised weight loss programs focus on creating the best weight loss plans for both you and your body.

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What is Medically Supervised Weight Loss in San Antonio?

Obesity is caused by a variety of factors. It often results from diet, genetics, medications, underlying conditions, and a lack of physical activity. Sometimes, unhealthy weight gain is even a function of mindset. Knowing what’s behind your obesity is the first step toward conquering it.

A medical weight management program focuses on identifying the causes of obesity to create an optimal weight loss plan. Our medical physician evaluates every aspect of your health to identify the causes of weight gain and the best possible solutions. It’s the medical approach to a medical problem.

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The Benefits of this Approach

Although common, obesity is an incredibly personal condition. What works for someone else may not work for you. By taking a medical approach to your weight loss, you can identify what works best for you – both physically and logistically. You also have the support of a medical professional that ensures your efforts are the safest options for your body.

The medical approach identifies your best methods for burning fat. Whether it is lab work or a physical fitness assessment, it takes the time to understand how your body works so that you’ll experience results. Although weight loss medications are not a core aspect of this approach, doctors can prescribe appetite suppressants and insulin supporters for those who need them.

Lone Star Clinics Can Help You Lose Weight

When you’re serious about your health, your weight is a great place to start. Lone Star Centers offers personalized weight loss plans that support a healthy lifestyle with medically monitored weight loss, body composition analysis, lab work, and prescriptions. We’re helping men and women throughout San Antonio take control of their health, one pound at a time.