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Hormone Replacement in Leon Valley

In today's busy world, it's more important than ever to find time to better yourself. We serve the Leon Valley area at Lone Star Center, located in San Antonio, TX. We provide medical services to counter aging, boost mental health, optimize hormones, lose weight, and enhance beauty. We offer professional services in Leon Valley, including weight loss programs, hormone optimizations, BOTOX, lipotropic injections, glutathione IV therapy, and B-12 injections.

Take Control of Your Health in Leon Valley

At Lone Star Center, we believe in comprehensive wellness. We will analyze your healthcare needs to determine which specialized services will help you reach your goals. Our medical clinic can help you reset your body and mind, release stress, and improve your physical and mental health.


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BHRT in Leon Valley

BHRT in San Antonio near Leon Valley includes treatments that replenish your hormone levels to regulate weight, sexual function, heart rate, and body temperature. Lone Star Center is a hormone pellet therapy provider that offers:

  • Testosterone and progesterone replacement therapy
  • Thyroid replacement therapy
  • DHEA hormone replacement therapy
  • Estradiol replacement therapy

BHRT can also be used for the treatment of PCOS.

Put Your Trust in Trained Medical Professionals

When choosing medical services near Leon Valley, seek a facility with medically trained professionals.

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss in  Leon Valley, TX

Losing weight can have a massive impact on your health, including increasing your stamina and energy and reducing your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions. Likewise, losing weight can improve your confidence and mental health. At our medical weight loss clinic, we develop customized plans that consider the clients' weight loss goals, nutritional needs, lifestyle, and overall health. Taking a holistic approach ensures that all aspects of weight loss can be managed safely.

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IV Therapy and Injections

Our medical professionals can administer fluids directly to your bloodstream with an IV drip:

IV therapy allows your body to absorb more nutrients than you would by taking a multivitamin.



We are your stop for B-12 shots in San Antonio near Leon Valley for energy, metabolism, neurological health, and vitamin B deficiency. In addition, we have other injections available to our clients:

  • Lipotropic Extreme injections to reduce stored fat, increase energy, enhance metabolism, and improve gallbladder and liver function
  • MIC B shots to reduce fatty tissue buildup with a combination of B-12, methionine, inositol, and choline


Botox Treatment

A 15-minute Botox treatment can reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and other noticeable facial lines. Medical professionals inject Botox to smooth wrinkles beneath the eyes, around the mouth, lips, and forehead.

The new you is achieveable!

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