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Hormone Pellet Therapy San Antonio

As time progresses, the levels of hormones critical for health, appearance, and well-being often decline. Rather than endure a reduced quality of life, cutting-edge treatment methods can help you balance them. 

From injections to creams, there are many types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies. Pellets have emerged as the optimal way to deliver bioidentical hormones to women and men,  and the Lone Star Center for Health & Wellness is a leading provider of them to patients in San Antonio. 

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Pellet Therapy San Antonio

What Are BHRT Pellets? 

They’re small, rice-sized pellets that release precisely measured amounts of hormones over prolonged periods, sometimes even several months at a time. Placed under the skin, they’re chemically structured to be identical to what the body produces naturally.

Performance makes BHRT pellets stand out. The body absorbs the hormones directly, eliminating the need to expend energy converting them into a usable form.

As the only form of hormone replacement therapy considered to maintain effectiveness twenty-four hours a day for several months, BHRT pellets also reduce the time needed to seek treatment. This frees you to focus on living your best life. 

What Is The Process For BHRT Pellet? 

We utilize a relatively painless procedure to insert bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets. Each pellet is slightly larger than a grain of rice and placed in fatty tissue, usually in the upper buttock area, by making a small skin incision. The incision is then closed with sterile strips.

The procedure usually takes about 10 minutes. You’ll be out to enjoy the rest of your day in no time.

Studies show BHRT pellets can last for many months. They gradually dissolve on their own over time and do not need to be removed. 

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A Trusted Hormone Pellet Therapy Provider in San Antonio, TX

If you’re in San Antonio and want to look and feel your best, pellet BHRT treatments in San Antonio, TXfrom the Lone Star Center for Health & Wellness may be right for you. Our team of skilled medical professionals is highly trained and dedicated to supporting your health journey. 

We offer a variety of BHRT pellet treatments. 

The pellets release sustained and continuous physiologic hormone levels once inserted. There’s nothing extra you have to do. 

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Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy in San Antonio, TX
Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy in San Antonio, TX

Your Source For Pellet Therapy in San Antonio, TX

If you’d like to learn more about BHRT pellet treatments, please feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and see if the therapy is right for you. 

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