We Treat You Like Our Family
Personal Maximum Optimazation

At Lone Star center for health & wellness, we treat all our patient like family! From bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Supervised weight loss plans, IV therapy and vitamin injections to primary care. We are here to help optimize your life.

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General Health
Need an annual exam? We are here to help! We perform sports physicals and referrals. Whether you’re sick or only need some routine maintenance, we’re here for you!
Hormone Optimization via Replacement Therapy
As we age key hormones decline in our bodies impacting men and women differently but dramatically. Lone Start Center is dedicated to creating a customized plan to restore hormones to there youth levels.
Medically Supervised Weight loss plans
Medical supervised weight loss plans are customized to each patient’s need. These include prescription medications, vitamin injections and nutritional support. Patients work with our medical staff to monitor progress and ensure effectiveness of the treatment plan.
IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections
IV therapy and vitamin injections have many benefits. IV fluids and vitamin infusions can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, promote weight loss, relieve hangovers, and aid in recovery from exercise. Ideal hydration and nutrition can be a challenge to maintain. IV therapy and vitamin injections can help to revitalize you.